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National NOW Times >> Spring 2004

In This Issue

Over One Million March for Women's Lives
On April 25, 2004, a year of planning paid off when 1.15 million women, men, girls and boys marched to protect and advance abortion rights, birth control and access to a full range of reproductive health care options.

  • An excerpt from NOW President Kim Gandy's speech
  • What YOU had to say about the March

    A view of the March for Women's Lives crowd from atop the Washington Monument. More than one million people filled the mile-long stretch. Photo by AP/Wide World Photos.
    A view of the March for Women's Lives crowd from atop the Washington Monument. More than one million people filled the mile-long stretch. AP/Wide World Photos.

    The Heat is On in Las Vegas this Summer at the National NOW Conference in July
    Spend July 16-18 with NOW in the glittery city! Join us for three days of fun, friends, fast-paced workshops, speakers and entertainers, skill-building sessions, special interest caucuses and more at the National NOW Conference.

    Women's Votes Are Key to 2004 Elections
    Did you know that in the last three presidential elections, the president was "elected" by approximately 25 percent of the eligible voting population? In the 2000 elections, nearly 100 million people, about half of the voters, stayed home.

    Legislative Update: Congress Cuts Tax Revenue and Pushes Regressive Social Agenda
    Congressional action on major bills, including the federal budget for next fiscal year, has slowed to a turtle's pace.

    "10 for Change" Campaign Already Registering New Voters
    NOW and the NOW Foundation launched a new voter registration and mobilization campaign, 10 for Change, at the March for Women's Lives in Washington, D.C., where it was met with massive enthusiasm.

    Faltering Job Market, Economy Weigh Heavily on Voters' Minds
    Times have certainly changed in the three years since George W. Bush took office in January 2001. The U.S. has lost 2.8 million private-sector jobs, and millions of employed workers worry about their ability to cover health care expenses and make ends meet.

    Diversity at Its Best in the Feminist Movement
    It was the most diverse march for women's reproductive rights ever. The March for Women's Lives brought people from all over the country (and the world), including thousands of women of color.

    Erosion of Reproductive Rights in States Gains Speed
    More than three decades after Roe v. Wade, a virtual tidal wave of anti-abortion and anti-contraception legislation is sweeping across the 50 states

    Bush Signs Law Granting Personhood to Fetuses
    On April 1, 2004, George W. Bush added his signature to yet another piece of deceptive legislation designed to weaken women's reproductive freedom.

    Poverty Reduction Must Include Reproductive Health Options
    It is our nation's least affluent girls and women who suffer the brunt of the cruel, restrictive and often life-destroying policies of this administration and this Congress.

    Extraordinary Gift Elevates, Expands NOW's Work in Crucial Election Year
    No one who knew Judith Stronach would be surprised at her generosity to NOW and the other peace, social justice, environmental and arts organizations she supported both in her lifetime and through her estate.

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