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National NOW Times >> Spring 2004 >> Article

Excerpt from NOW President Kim Gandy's speech at the March for Women's Lives, April 25, 2004

NOW President Kim Gandy, joined by her daughter Elizabeth Cady, addressed the 1.15 million marchers at the March for Women's Lives on April 25, 2004.
NOW President Kim Gandy, with her daughter Elizabeth Cady, addressed the 1.15 million marchers at the March for Women's Lives on April 25, 2004.
"We are going to take the passion and energy of this March and we are going to take it home! Today you are galvanizing a new movement for action. The other speakers here will tell you what we’re marching for and the policies that we’re marching against. But I want to talk about what’s on many of our minds in our hearts, and that is our daughters. I have my daughter here—Elizabeth Cady—and I’m here for her and all of your daughters.

They weigh heavy on me, these hopes and dreams that we have for our daughters. That when they grow up, if we succeed, they will grow up in charge of their bodies and their lives and their destiny. They will decide whether and when to have children. They’ll decide whether to marry, and they’ll marry who they want to marry.

We hope and dream that they’ll grow up with clean air and clean water, a good education, full health care, freedom from bigotry and hatred and violence, and with equal access to the bounty of this country— without taking it from the pockets of the rest of the world. And all this in a world at peace. We hope that someday their leaders will have learned that 'plays well with others' is as important for national leaders as it is for six-year-olds.

Why is this March such a broad-based call to action? Because our rights are not divisible. For decades, every couple of years we have to fight these fights over again. Well it’s time to take women’s rights off the barganing table and put up a sign that says: Not Negotiable. We are going to fight like our lives depend on it. Because they do! Let’s take it home!"

Here's what YOU had to say about the March for Women's Lives.

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