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National NOW Times >> Spring 2002

In this Issue

Hundreds of activists gathered outside the Supreme Court for the Capital City NOW Candlelight Vigil on the 29th anniversary of the Roe v. Wade decision, Jan. 22, 2002. Activists to Filibuster Senators on March 8
Anticipating that George W. Bush will nominate a justice determined to overturn Roe v. Wade, NOW is organizing a campaign to raise awareness of the threats facing the right to choose abortion.

Women Must Lead Afghan Government Back to Democracy
Feminists are calling for the establishment of a multi-ethnic constitutional democracy in Afghanistan where women have full representation.

Florida Abortion Provider Behind Bars
In an unprecedented attack on abortion rights last year, Dr. James Pendergraft was slapped with federal charges of extortion, tried and put behind bars.

Female Fighter Pilot Battles U.S. Military's Double-Standard in Saudi Arabia
The first woman in United States military history to fly a fighter jet in combat sued the U.S. Department of Defense in December over a policy that requires U.S. servicewomen — but not men — to wear Muslim dress and adhere to local customs while traveling off-base in Saudi Arabia.

Electing Feminist Governors: A Win-Win Proposition
If we want our next commander in chief to be a feminist, or even — gasp! — a woman, we must start electing strong women's rights supporters as our states' governors now.

Latest NOW v. Scheidler Decision: Violence and Intimidation at Women's Clinics Not Protected Speech
As the country reeled from large-scale international terrorism last fall, feminists celebrated yet another victory against the network of extremists who perpetrate domestic terrorism at abortion clinics.

Current Economic Downturn Hurts Women
Women represent the majority of employees in industries hit hardest by the slump after September 11.

In Memoriam: NOW Honors Three Dedicated Activists
Pat Brown, Betty Spaulding and Pat Varieur were longtime NOW members and tireless advocates for women's rights.

Our Courts at Risk: Senate Has Power to Stop Ultra-Conservative Bush Nominees
With eight of the 13 federal circuit courts of appeals already dominated by anti-women judges, activists in both parties are preparing for a cataclysmic clash over George W. Bush's judicial nominations.

Viewpoint: News Shows Leave Women's Voices Out of the Discussion
Women are under-represented in our government, making up only 13 percent of the Senate and 14 percent of the House. But they are even more under-represented on political television shows.

Same Sex Couples Face Post-September 11 Discrimination
Peggy Neff's pain of losing her partner, Sheila Hein, was multiplied when, after seeking support from the state of Virginia, she received only a letter denying her any benefits.

NOW Kicks-Off Third Annual Watch Out, Listen Up!
TV networks better "Watch Out" this spring because NOW activists across the country will be monitoring television programming for the third year in a row.

Hate Crimes Rise From Ashes of September 11 Attacks
How can a nation heal itself by wounding religious and ethnic minorities? Many Middle Eastern and immigrant women have had to search for answers to such questions in the wake of the September 11 terrorist attacks.

Effects of September 11 Felt at NOW
On the morning of September 11, word of the World Trade Center disaster was just spreading through the national NOW office when staff were ordered to evacuate the building.

The Faces of Social Security
NOW offers here the real stories of three women whose lives have been affected by the Social Security program.

NOW Acts
NOW chapters across the country found the energy and dedication to continue taking action on the issues they've been working on for years.

Legislative Update
The terrorist attacks have altered the national agenda and consumed the budget surplus.

The World March of Women Marches On
More than 65 women representing 35 countries met in Montreal last year to continue the feminist international action network known as the World March of Women.

NOW Is The Time! Feminist Calendar for Early 2002

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