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National NOW Times >> Special Edition, 2001

In this Issue

Go to Spring 2002 to read updated versions of the articles that originally appeared in this special edition of the National NOW Times.

Hate Speech Continues Despite Calls for Compassion
Since September 11, there has been a destructive undercurrent of hateful right-wing rhetoric in the U.S. media, and little space for viewpoints outside the status quo.

Conservative Version of Welfare Reform Flawed
Welfare "reform" has done little to help women who face significant personal barriers, such as a chronic health problem, few employable skills or domestic violence.

Envisioning the Future of Feminist Leadership in Congress
Quite a few feminist women like Rep. Nancy Pelosi have seized power in the U.S. House and Senate and the Democratic Party, but women still are only a small percent of Congress.

Commentary: Clean Money Cleans Up the Political Process
Public campaign financing, or "clean money," is the way to restore trust in the political process by changing a political system corrupted by special-interest money.

Flying Under the Radar: Louisiana's New "Stealth Abortion Law"
Suppose a state passed a law making the performance of any abortion a civil wrong punishable by unlimited monetary damages. Wouldn't that be unconstitutional?

Feminist Majority Foundation, Ms. Magazine Join Forces
The Feminist Majority Foundation (FMF) announced the first-ever feminist media merger in mid-November.

Advancing Women's Rights: One Woman's Legacy
Like many NOW members, Lora Liss was an ordinary woman who found the courage and strength to do extraordinary things.

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