Victory 2000 Support Committee

Yes, I want to join the Victory 2000 Support Committee to help NOW/PAC return control of the Congress to supporters of women's rights.

My first monthly gift is enclosed for:

__ $25   __ $20  __ $15  __ Other $ ______

Please choose one of the following payment options:

__ Checking account electronic transfer.  Please transfer $_____ each month from my checking account for the next 14 months.  (Remember to enclose your first payment on a personal check.)
__ Credit card.  Please charge $______ to my credit card each month for the next 14 months.  My credit card information is below.

__ I can't make a montly pledge at this time.  Enclosed is my one-time contribution to help launch this exciting campaign:
__ $25  __ $35  __ $75  __ Other $ _______
__Check enclosed   ___ One-time charge to credit card below.

PLEDGE AUTHORIZATION (required for monthly contributors)
I authorize NOW/PAC to transfer my monthly contribution from my checking account or to charge my credit card (whichever I have chosen above).  I understand I may cancel or change my monthly pledge at any time by notifying NOW/PAC.  A record of each payment will appear on my monthly bank or credit card statement and will serve as my receipt.
Date: _______________  Signature: ____________________________________________________

Credit card information:  __ Visa    __ Mastercard  __ American Express

Card number: _____________________________________   Exp. Date: ______________

Please print name as it appears on card: ________________________________________________________

Name: _________________________________________________________________

Address: _______________________________________________________________


Occupation: ____________________________________________________________

Employer: ______________________________________________________________

Mail to: NOW/PAC 733 15st, NW, 2nd Floor, Washington, D.C. 20005

NOTE: Contributions to the NOW/PAC are not tax-deductible.  Only NOW members may contribute to NOW/PAC.  Federal law requires NOW to use our best effort to collect and report the name, mailing address, occupation and employer of contributors who exceed $200 in a calendar year.


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