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Love Your Body Day Turns 15!

2012 Love Your Body poster contest winner

The 2012 winning poster was designed by Francesca Spruiell -- order it now!

Love Your Body Day is celebrating its 15th year of empowering events. Since 1998, NOW Foundation's annual event promoting positive body images has taken place each fall -- this year on Oct. 17. The Love Your Body campaign was created as a response to media portrayals of women, particularly in advertising, that promote narrow and unhealthy ideals of beauty.

Through Love Your Body Day, women and girls are encouraged to talk back to the media, to demand images that reflect the full spectrum of womanhood in all its many sizes, colors, ages, ethnicities, abilities and gender presentations.

Events across the country are as diverse as the women who organize them. They include blogathons, fashion shows, pickets, educational forums, athletic events and more. They all have one goal in mind -- to challenge media messages that constantly tell us we don't measure up. Thousands of us each year say: We're just fine, thank you!

The winner of this year's poster contest, Francesca Camilla Spruiell from Camarillo, Calif., entered in the elementary/middle school category and ended up taking the grand prize! Order her winning poster, check out other designs and learn more about the campaign at

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