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Women's rights activists march to protest the right wing's war on women.

Throughout 2012, NOW members and other women's rights activists took to the streets to protest the right wing's war on women and to promise to exercise their right to vote in November.

2012 Elections Crucial for Women: Vote Obama-Biden
The NOW Political Action Committee has enthusiastically endorsed Barack Obama and Joe Biden for reelection, and a top priority is to keep the Senate out of the hands of the radical fringe that now controls the Republican Party.

Will VAWA Survive Election Year Politics?
Women's rights advocates and our champions on Capitol Hill have worked round the clock to reauthorize the Violence Against Women Act, only to be blocked by House Speaker John Boehner.

Vote! 7 Reminders Why from the War on Women
Elections have consequences. After the last election cycle, radical right-wing men swept into office at federal and state levels, introducing a record number of restrictions on reproductive rights.

Time to Advocate for Social Security Modernization
After years of hard work, women should be able to count on an economically secure retirement. But the truth is that many older women have barely enough to get by.

2012 National NOW Conference: Energize! Organize!
NOW's annual conference focused on strategizing for the 2012 elections while addressing key issues that have been under attack, such as contraception coverage and the Violence Against Women Act.

Prison Phone Rates, Mobile Billing Practices Discriminate
NOW Foundation is working in coalition with allies in the civil rights and media reform communities to stop telecommunications practices that disproportionately affect women, people of color, immigrants and low-income families.

NOW Cheers Preventive Care Services, Including Contraception, Under Affordable Care Act
A major step forward in providing better health care for women was achieved this year. As of Aug. 1, key provisions of the Affordable Care Act went into effect, making preventive care more accessible and affordable for 47 million women.

The Romney-Ryan Budget: Why Women Should Care
Before Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney announced his choice of Rep. Paul Ryan as his running mate, the National Organization for Women was already linking the two men in an effort to spread the word about their dangerous economic proposals.

Action Spotlight: Mobilizing Against Wal-Mart, Rush Limbaugh, Operation Save America and Hyatt Hotels
NOW leaders, staff and activists have been busy this year working on a number of critical action campaigns to promote economic justice and stand up against right-wing bullying and clinic terrorism.

NOW's Visionary Circle: Looking Ahead
Women's rights advocates want to make sure that long after we are gone, the feminist organizations that fought for our rights will still be working hard to open doors for the next generation.

States Fight for Marriage Equality
Marriage equality will be on the ballot in four states this November: Maine, Maryland, Minnesota and Washington.

Love Your Body Day Turns 15!
Love Your Body Day is celebrating its 15th year of empowering events. Since 1998, NOW Foundation's annual event promoting positive body images has taken place each fall -- this year on Oct. 17.

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