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National NOW Times >> Fall 2004

In This Issue

NOW Conference Declares Emergency: NOW/PAC Urges Votes for Kerry Nov. 2
Declaring an unprecedented "state of emergency" until November elections, delegates at the 2004 National NOW Conference resolved to mobilize members to re-defeat George W. Bush.

Struggle for Equal Marriage Heats Up Across the U.S.
State courts and legislatures are where equal marriage rights will be wrought or fought in the near future.

Democratic candidates for President and Vice-President, Senators John Kerry and John Edwards, are both strong supporters of women's rights. Teresa Heinz Kerry and Elizabeth Edwards are strong women who enhance the ticket's appeal with women voters.
Democratic candidates for President and Vice President, Senators John Kerry and John Edwards, are both strong supporters of women's rights. Teresa Heinz Kerry and Elizabeth Edwards are strong women who enhance the ticket's appeal with women voters. Photo reprinted by permission of Reuters

Getting Out the Vote Calls for Broad NOW Strategy
Even before this crucial election year began, NOW recognized that registering voters and motivating them to vote must be a large focus of its 2004 agenda.

Seventh Annual Love Your Body Day Arrives with New Fanfare
The NOW Foundation and activists nationwide are preparing to promote healthy body images for women and girls. Among the new developments in the Love Your Body campaign are the addition of national spokespeople for the campaign and a re-launch of the campaign web site.

Wal-Mart: Always Low Prices? or Always Discriminates?
More than 250 activists demonstrated outside a Wal-Mart Supercenter in July, during the NOW National Conference in Las Vegas, and many chapters continue to "adopt a store" as part of NOW's effort to expose this Merchant of Shame.

Defeating Bush Tops Delegates' Agenda at National NOW Conference in Las Vegas
"It's time to send George W. Bush back to the ranch," said NOW President Kim Gandy, addressing attendees of the National NOW Conference in Las Vegas.

NOW Foundation Honors Four Women at Intrepid Awards
Hundreds of NOW members and friends, including members of Congress, celebrated four women whose lives embody courage at the second annual Intrepid Awards Gala Sept. 9 in Washington, D.C.

Electronic Voting Poses Problems
With many voters using electronic balloting machines this year, as many as three out of every ten votes cast on Nov. 2 will be unrecoverable in the event a recount is needed.

Will Bush Cancel the Election?
The Associated Press reported this summer that Bush administration officials were asked to establish guidelines for canceling or postponing elections in the event of a terrorist attack.

Abortion Procedures Ban Ruled Unconstitutional
After full trials, the three district court judges in New York, Nebraska and California ruled the so-called "Partial-Birth" Abortion Ban unconstitutional because it failed to provide an exception to protect the woman's health, as required by the Supreme Court.

The Violence Against Women Act: Celebrating 10 Years of Prevention
In 1994, Congress allocated money to fund the Violence Against Women Act at the full $1.62 billion over six years.

Legislative Update: Bush Administration & 108th Congress Damage Women's Rights, Economic Status

NOW Keeps a Close Watch on Bush Court Appointees
George W. Bush is stacking the federal courts with right-wing ideologues, as did his Republican predecessors Ronald Reagan and George H.W. Bush.

NOW Acts: March for Women's Lives Inspired a Flurry of Activity
Activists returned from the March for Women's Lives exhausted, but with a renewed committment to NOW’s mission of achieving equality for all women.

Golden Glow of Reagan Legacy Lacks Luster for Feminists
It behooves feminists to remember that Ronald Reagan's presidency began the long descent into reactionary politics, which culminated in the presidency of George W. Bush. For women, minorities and the poor, the Reagan years were the bad old days.

NOW Joins Million Women Challenge
Striving to advance women's rights around the world, NOW has signed on to the Million Women Challenge, designed to educate people in the U.S. about issues that women in poverty-stricken areas of the world face on a daily basis.

2004 National NOW Conference Resolutions

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