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National NOW Times >> Fall 2004 >> Article

What YOU Can Do on Election Day to Make Sure ALL Votes Count

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  • If you are in a county using electronic voting methods that does not provide voters with an alternate paper ballot, you can opt to vote by absentee ballot. Absentee ballot ensures that your vote can be retraced in the face of a recount, and it frees you up to volunteer on Election Day.

  • If your county uses electronic voting, find out if a paper trail has been established. If no established method to generate a paper trail exists, find out how election officials intend to provide a manual recount in the case of a close election. Also ask if the electronic voting machines have a backup system in case of a computer crash.

  • Find out if your county is purging voter rolls of felons and the deceased. Often qualified voters are purged because of name similarity, sometimes causing voter rolls to be inaccurate. Thus you should find out if the rolls are being checked by an unbiased third party for accuracy.

  • Volunteer on Election Day. Work on the campaign of a feminist candidate, or volunteer to drive people to the polls. Be an election monitor and stand watch at the polls to ensure that no one is refused the right to vote.

  • The Election Incident Reporting System is a web-based program designed to help organizations identify and respond to situations preventing voters from voting or from having their votes recorded as intended. Visit

  • If you experience difficulty with voting or registration, call 866-OUR-VOTE for 24-hour assistance.

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