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Get Involved Early! 2004 Presidential Primary and Caucus Calendar

Nearly half the adult population of the United States did not vote for president in the 2000 election. Of the 206 million citizens of voting age, 101 million people did not cast a ballot in the general election! What some call voter apathy is more likely voter distress, alienation and isolation—distress that their vote doesn't count, alienation from a political system seemingly controlled by insiders, and isolation from meaningful information about the candidates' positions on the issues and the impact of the elections on voters' daily lives.

In 2004, voter participation will be more important than ever. Feminists and other progressives must turn out in record numbers in order to ensure that our rights are not ravaged further by a second George W. Bush administration. But we must also be able to convince first-time and lapsed voters to show up at the polls. A candidate who energizes and inspires the public is key in this mission. It is crucial for women's rights supporters to participate early in the process and to select a candidate who can both beat Bush and bring new votes to the ballot boxes in November.

Contact your local NOW chapter to find out how you can help organize for next year's elections.

2004 Democratic Primaries and Caucuses

(Dates are subject to change, so check an election calendar or your local news media for the latest information.)

Jan. 13PrimaryDistrict of Columbia
Jan. 19 CaucusIowa
Jan. 27Primary New Hampshire
Feb. 3PrimaryArizona
Primary Delaware
Primary Missouri
Caucus New Mexico
Caucus North Dakota
Primary Oklahoma
Primary South Carolina
Feb. 7 Caucus Michigan
Caucus Washington
Feb. 8 Caucus Maine
Caucus District of Columbia
Primary Tennessee
Primary Virginia
Feb. 17 Primary Wisconsin
Feb. 24 Caucus Idaho
March 2 Primary California
Primary Connecticut
Primary Georgia
Caucus Hawaii
Primary Maryland
Primary Massachusetts
Caucus Minnesota
Primary New York
Primary Ohio
Primary Rhode Island
Primary Texas
Primary Vermont
Primary Washington state
March 9 Primary Florida
Primary Louisiana
Primary Mississippi
March 16 Primary Illinois
April 27 Primary Pennsylvania
May 4 Primary Indiana
Primary North Carolina
May 11 Primary Nebraska
Primary West Virginia
May 18 Primary Arkansas
Primary Kentucky
Primary Oregon
May 25 Primary Idaho
June 1 Primary Alabama
Primary South Dakota
June 8 Primary Montana
Primary New Jersey

States without presidential primaries: Alaska, Colorado, Nevada, Utah

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