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NOW Targets George W. Bush for Defeat in 2004

by Linda Berg, Political Director

Former Senator and Ambassador Carol Moseley Braun, left, and NOW President Kim Gandy announce NOW/PAC's endorsement of Moseley Braun for President at a press conference on Women's Equality Day, Aug. 26.
Former Senator and Ambassador Carol Moseley Braun, left, and NOW President Kim Gandy announce NOW/PAC's endorsement of Moseley Braun for President at a press conference on Women's Equality Day, Aug. 26. Photo by Lisa Bennett

On Women's Equality Day the National Organization for Women's Political Action Committee proudly announced its endorsement of former Ambassador and Senator Carol Moseley Braun for President of the United States. The National Women's Political Caucus also announced its endorsement at the same Aug. 26 press conference in Washington, D.C.

"We are proud to have this strong and accomplished woman running for the highest office in the land—and serving as an inspiration to women and girls of all ages who believe that a woman truly can become President of the United States," said NOW/PAC Chair Kim Gandy.

Moseley Braun thanked the groups, stating: "The endorsements of the National Organization for Women and the National Women's Political Caucus guarantee ... that I will formally declare my candidacy for the Democratic nomination."

Top Goal for 2004

NOW/PAC's top political priority is sending Bush back to Texas, and NOW's Drive for Equality—a campaign to identify, inform, register and mobilize women to participate in the political process—will help by increasing the women's vote. NOW looks forward to working with Moseley Braun to advance that goal because she speaks to a large portion of the U.S. population, particularly women, who were not inspired to get out and vote in 2000.

"If we are to deny Bush a second term—and never has such a task been more important to women's rights—we must energize new and lapsed voters in unprecedented numbers," said Gandy.

For too long, feminists have had to make compromises when selecting a President, voting for candidates with less than stellar records on our issues. And for many women, especially those raising families with limited resources, this empty choice was simply not enough to encourage them to register, much less turn out to vote.

"Carol Moseley Braun can talk to women, people of color, low-income families and progressives to help get these disenfranchised groups truly motivated," said Gandy.

"I can direct our country toward its rebuilding, freeing it from the grip of fear and the clutches of the extreme right wing," said Moseley Braun.

"Seeing an African American feminist woman standing shoulder to shoulder with the other candidates, an equal partner in the race for President of the United States, I can't help but be moved," Gandy continued. "Carol raises our issues at every debate, in every discussion—something the male candidates often fail to do. If we want to ensure that women's rights are a key element in the upcoming election, we must support Carol Moseley Braun's campaign."

For over 25 years, NOW/PAC has worked tirelessly for women to gain equal representation in our government. Moseley Braun's candidacy is a prime example of what feminists strive for—women moving up through all levels of political office.

Experienced and Qualified

To receive NOW/PAC's endorsement, a candidate must demonstrate an uncompromising commitment to the entire range of women's rights issues. After considering the positions and past records of all the candidates lined up to challenge George W. Bush, one candidate stood above the rest for her lifetime commitment to feminist ideals and her 25-year record fighting for the rights of women at the local, state, national and international levels.

Moseley Braun has never wavered nor bowed to political pressure in her commitment to social and economic justice for all. As the first African American woman in the Senate, and the only African American senator during her tenure, she stood up for civil rights and women's equity time and again.

Among her many accomplishments, Moseley Braun has a perfect record supporting reproductive rights, starting in the Illinois state legislature in 1978. She co-sponsored the Violence Against Women Act, the Family and Medical Leave Act and the Employment Non-Discrimination Act. Moseley Braun introduced the Women's Pension Equity Act, and she was only one of 12 Senators to stand up to President Clinton and oppose the punitive welfare reform bill.

Moseley Braun noted: "I bring a range of life experiences and a perspective to the challenges we face as a nation that make me uniquely qualified to lead it in the direction of peace, prosperity and progress."

It's Official

Moseley Braun officially announced her candidacy on Sept. 22, saying: "We are going to have a national grassroots campaign. We are going to be competitive with the men. This is not going to be anything other than a full-blown national campaign for the Democratic nomination for President."

NOW/PAC calls on all NOW members to contribute to Moseley Braun's campaign so that she will be able to qualify for matching funds—an important factor for candidates without endless personal and business capital. Because every dollar of small donations becomes two dollars with matching funds, we can help keep a woman's voice at the table. Become a part of history by donating at

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