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Former Senator and Ambassador Carol Moseley Braun, left, and NOW President Kim Gandy announce NOW/PAC's endorsement of Moseley Braun for President at a press conference on Women's Equality Day, Aug. 26.
Former Senator and Ambassador Carol Moseley Braun, left, and NOW President Kim Gandy announce NOW/PAC's endorsement of Moseley Braun for President at a press conference on Women's Equality Day, Aug. 26. Photo by Lisa Bennett

NOW Targets George W. Bush for Defeat in 2004
On Women's Equality Day the National Organization for Women's Political Action Committee proudly announced its endorsement of former Ambassador and Senator Carol Moseley Braun for President of the United States.

Save Women's Lives: March for Freedom of Choice in 2004
NOW has joined with the Feminist Majority, Planned Parenthood Federation of America and NARAL Pro-Choice America to organize a march on Washington that will send a clear message to elected officials that the deterioration of fundamental freedoms is unacceptable.

Women with Disabilities and Allies Link Arms at Forum
To further the goal of creating a world where all women, disabled or not, are valued and respected, the NOW Foundation and the American Association of People with Disabilities (AAPD) decided to co-sponsor "Women with Disabilities and Allies Forum: Linking Arms for Equality and Justice for All" in Bethesda, Md., Oct. 17-19, 2003.

Activists Mobilize, Strategize at the 2003 NOW Conference
Mobilize! Vote! Change! That was the rallying cry of the nearly 1,000 activists who traveled across the country to come to the National NOW conference, July 11-13 in Arlington, Va.

NOW's First Awards Gala a Huge Success
"Resolutely courageous, fearless and bold" perfectly described the four women who were honored with NOW's first-ever Intrepid Awards at a dazzling Gala on July 10.

Wal-Mart Commercials Turn Workers' Frowns Upside Down
Have you seen the latest TV commercials from Wal-Mart? These ads are not trying to sell products; they are peddling warm feelings about the company itself, which is under assault from NOW and others for its mistreatment of employees.

Same-Sex Marriage: The Fight for Equality Gains Momentum
Although the United States Supreme Court has declared marriage a fundamental right under the Constitution, same-sex couples still do not have the ability to marry in any U.S. state.

Drive For Equality: Failure is Impossible
If we are to protect and advance women's rights, we must change the faces and objectives of those in power. The Drive for Equality is a five-year campaign designed to do just that.

The Scalia Mold: A Dangerous Future for the Nation's Highest Court
With four Supreme Court justices nearing retirement, the nation's highest court is in danger of losing its delicate balance, especially if George W. Bush serves another term as president. Bush has cited Justice Antonin Scalia as one of his most admired Supreme Court Justices, and a presumptive model for future nominees.

Supreme Court Rules on Landmark Cases
The Supreme Court recently ruled on two cases with sweeping ramifications for lesbian and gay rights, civil rights, and racial and ethnic diversity in higher education.

Get Involved Early! 2004 Presidential Primary and Caucus Calendar
It is crucial for women's rights supporters to participate early in the process and to select a candidate who can both beat Bush and bring new votes to the ballot boxes in November.

Make Every Day Love Your Body Day
The sixth annual Love Your Body Day, a project of the NOW Foundation, is scheduled for Oct. 15, 2003, but any day of the year is the right day for women to embrace their natural figures.

Conservatives Pick the Pockets of Most Vulnerable in U.S.
The looming 2004 presidential election is already shaping the legislative agenda for the remaining months of the 108th Congress. The GOP leadership will be focusing solely on bills that appeal to their right-wing support base and the conservative swing voters—yet labeling them with misleading, family-friendly titles to woo uninformed voters.

NOW Holds Symposium on Silicone Breast Implants
In advance of the U.S. Food and Drug Administration's consideration this fall of whether to allow silicone gel-filled breast implants back onto the general market, NOW sponsored a symposium on silicone breast implants featuring presentations by a group of researchers, clinicians and federal health officials.

Right Wing Plays Politics With Judicial Nominees
The judicial confirmation process is becoming increasingly acrimonious as hostilities mount between Senate Democrats and Republicans charged with evaluating George W. Bush's nominees for federal court positions.

All Mothers Need Support Balancing Work and Family
Statistics show us that most mothers are balancing their jobs and their families by working outside the home for less than 40 hours per week. Yet conservative think-tankers and many in Congress believe that mothers receiving public assistance should not be accorded the option of balancing work and individual family needs.

Actions Big and Small Prove That Your Voice Counts!
The key to NOW's grassroots success has been and always will be in "taking action." And that must be done by our chapters in the cities and towns across this country.

What Now for the Women of Afghanistan and Iraq?
Women in Iraq and Afghanistan are under-represented in the new interim governments, facing substandard social and economic status and, in some cases, worse off than before the U.S. military intervention.

National NOW Bylaws - Amendments Passed July 2003

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