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National NOW Times >> Fall 2003 >> Article

National NOW Bylaws - Amendments Passed July 2003

  • Timely response to chapter convening requests

    [italicized text is added as new final sentence]

    Article IV. Subunits

    Section 2. States

    A....State organizations shall convene chapters within their state. If a state organization fails to approve or disapprove a convening request within 60 days, the national organization may convene the chapter.

  • National conferences and issue summits held on alternate years

    [italicized text is inserted, and previous D becomes F]

    Article VIII. Membership Meetings

    Section 1. National Conference

    D. In the even-numbered years, the National Conference shall include a special issue or constituency summit in the event that NOW Foundation does not sponsor such a summit.

    E. The above changes adopted at the 2003 Conference shall take effect after the 2004 Conference.

  • Permanent committee of young feminists

    [italicized text is added as new final sentence]

    Article IX. Committees

    Section 4. Special Committees of the National Board

    There shall be other committees which do not have the authority of the Board for management of the corporation, but which may advise the Board, officers, and membership-at-large, or may perform such other duties as the Board, National Conference, or President may wish to assign. This will include a permanent task force of young feminists aged 30 or under to be appointed by the president with the advice and consent of the board to advise the Board of Directors and National Conference on matters of agenda, leadership recruitment and issue prioritization regarding young feminists in NOW.

    View the entire updated National NOW Bylaws online or call 202-628-8669 ext. 118 to request a copy.

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