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NOW Reveals "The Truth About George" W. Bush

by Mónica V. Martínez, Field Organizer and Caroline Gaudiani, Field Intern

The National Organization for Women has embarked on a crucial campaign, one that will set a fire under the Bush administration and tell, in its entirety, "The Truth About George." The campaign, which offers the truth without spin, will educate the public and heighten awareness of George W. Bush's threatening presidency.

The Truth About George

The Truth About George campaign and its web site ( were officially launched on July 31 at a rally on the Ellipse, only steps away from the White House and its current "resident." NOW activists and supporters braved the scorching Washington, D.C., heat to send a clear message to Bush that we will not stand by while he shamelessly turns his back on the campaign promises of "compassionate conservatism" and "bipartisanship."

"It's high time the public hears the truth about George W. Bush and his administration's attempts to trickle our rights down to nothing," said NOW President Kim Gandy. "NOW is launching The Truth About George to offer real information about what is going on and to help protect our democracy from being eroded under the cover of 'war'."

NOW will work to capture the attention of the public using rallies and other actions across the nation, and will use the web site as a one-stop shop "to keep the public eye focused on what the Bush administration is doing on a variety of issues that the mainstream media is not covering." Indeed, chapters across the nation participated in rallies and actions to protest Dubya during his frequent campaign outings.

The site is organized into five issue sections dedicated to women's rights, domestic policy, foreign policy, the administration's appointments and "Bushsims." Other features include a special report on John Ashcroft and an action kit with organizing materials. In addition, NOW will be posting special reports from time to time highlighting the terrible truth about some of the Bush administration's policies or actions. For example, the site contains a report on Bush's corporate shenanigans and his Enron-esque behavior.

Besides providing information about the dangerous policies of the Bush administration, the web site will also allow activists to take action online and to sign up to receive The Truth About George alerts.

Although some of the entertaining aspects of Bush's presidency have been included on the web site (including some of his more embarrassing and grammatically incorrect statements in the "Bushisms" section), the heart of the campaign demands serious attention. NOW must communicate to the U.S. public the urgency to take action in order to prevent losing years of progress, particularly in women's rights.

It is important that all NOW activists get involved in spreading the word about Bush's attacks on women rights, civil rights, the environment, our civil liberties and more. By simply sending the address of the web site ( to your email list, and asking them to pass it on, you can help increase the site's exposure.

Action Vice President Olga Vives stresses that activists should not fear challenging the Bush administration during a time of heightened awareness about the nation's vulnerability. "Bush's opportunistic efforts to use the 'war' on terrorism to silence political debate is offensive to women everywhere," said Vives. "Now Bush is threatening to drag the nation and the world into a seemingly unnecessary conflict with Iraq."

"It is more important that ever to demand that the Bush administration adopt policies that will strengthen our democracy, our hard-earned rights, and our link to the global community," Vives concluded.

If you have visited already, remember to check back often. The site is updated every two weeks, and courtesy of Bush and his cronies, there is a constant flow of new information. (You can also visit the site and sign up to receive our bi-weekly alerts.)

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