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NOW Says "Thank You" to Members With Exciting Benefits

Special Savings Now Available

by Katy Califa, Internet/Communications Intern

There is a brand new way to save money and help the feminist movement. The National Organization for Women has launched a comprehensive Member Benefits program that rewards members with substantial cost savings while furthering women's rights. The first round of offerings include Internet service, low-cost long distance, long-term care insurance and discounts on car rentals.

High-Quality Internet Access, Discount Price

NOWworld Internet Service takes grassroots organizing in an innovative and intriguing direction by allowing feminists to make a firm declaration of purchasing power when choosing their Internet service. Rather than supporting major conglomerates like AOL/Time Warner or Microsoft and paying their high rates (up to $23.95 for AOL), you can sign-up with a progressive organization that promotes your values and save up to $8.00 per month.

Several dollars of each monthly payment are sent directly to NOW, helping fund the feminist movement. This additional revenue will help provide more resources to fight for women's rights, and will also enhance our ability to communicate with activists.

At $15.95 a month, NOWworld is far cheaper than AOL, Earthlink and MSN. Subscribers will also enjoy a higher service quality than that of many of the larger Internet providers. You'll get unlimited Internet access, twice as many nationwide dial-up numbers as AOL, free 24/7 technical support, a email address, two email boxes with web mail and POP3 access, and 10 MB of storage and web page-building tools for your personal web page. Furthermore, NOWworld does not rent or sell its subscribers' personal information, and there is no advertising.

3.9˘ Long Distance Service!

NOW Long Distance

For those feminists whose networks span multiple area codes, NOW long distance is an extraordinary service. In this society where geographical distance is becoming less and less important, a cheap means of communication is invaluable.

NOW long distance has the lowest intrastate and international rates—only 3.9 cents a minute and $3.95 per month, an undeniably great deal. There are no contracts, no peak times and no gimmicks. The program serves to make members' lives easier with a simple and cost-effective long-distance program.

Members can help NOW with each long distance call they make because a penny per minute of usage and $1 per month go directly to NOW. A clear and cheap way to talk to feminists around the country, NOW long distance service is another fabulous benefit for members and their families

Car Rental Discounts and More

In addition to its own programs, NOW offers its members discounts for other services, such as long term care insurance and an arrangement with Budget rental cars that offers members up to 25 percent off their car rentals across the country. Even better, these same low rates extend to families and partners of NOW members. NOW is committed to expanding your savings, and will continue to add new discounts.

NOW is excited to offer such a wide range of services to its members. Never before have people been able to surf the Internet, chat on the phone, buy insurance and rent cars all in the name of women's rights. Help yourself and help fund the feminist movement—sign up for NOW member benefits!

Visit NOW's Member Benefits page or call 202-628-8669 to learn more.

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