Membership Contest Increases Activist Ranks

by Johanna Ettin, Marketing Coordinator

There were only winners in NOW's chapter Membership Contest that concluded this summer. By the end of the contest, 42 chapters qualified for the prize drawing by recruiting at least 10 members each, and 16 of those chapters qualified for multiple chances.

The three chapters recruiting the largest number of new members and winning two tickets to the VIP luncheon with U.S. Sen. Carol Moseley-Braun were Dade County NOW, Fl., NOW's conference host chapter Memphis NOW and Atlanta NOW. Winner of the Lifetime Membership as the individual recruiting the most new members was Claudia Schauffler of Atlanta NOW.

Prize drawings were held at the National NOW Conference in Memphis. San Diego NOW won the first prize of $1,000, a super boost for any chapter's treasury. Chicago NOW won a laser printer, and Georgia NOW won the fax/phone/answering machine.

Chapters were divided by size for the drawing for the remaining prizes. Winners received $150 in membership credits and two tickets to the VIP luncheon for attaining the largest percentage increase in each chapter-size category.

In the small chapter group, the winner was a unique chapter at Bedford Hills Correctional Center in New York, which tripled its membership. The medium size category winner was Dade County NOW with a 17.6 percent increase. In the large chapter category, Chicago NOW won by growing 4.5 percent.

The final drawings added $150 in membership credits to six chapters in each size category.

The best news is that all chapters participating in the contest, whether or not they qualified for the drawing or received a prize, won new enthusiasm, activism and visibility in their communities.

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