NOW Aims to Bring Feminist News and Views to the Airwaves, Cyberspace with Communications Network

Tired of having feminist issues ignored or distorted by the mainstream media? So are we! To counter this imbalance, NOW decided to develop our own Feminist Communications Network.

Think of it -- turn on your radio, television or computer and enjoy late-breaking news, talk shows and content delivered with a feminist perspective . . . programming on our issues.

NOW has created a task force to research and develop the Feminist Communications Network. The task force has already assembled a group of NOW members and leaders with TV/cable/radio/Internet experience and is now asking for every member's input and assistance. We must expand our information bank of knowledgeable members and allies, media contacts and prospective supporters if this dream is to become a reality.

Plug into our media vision by completing this survey and informing us of your interest, expertise and ability to support this goal. You can fill out the survey on our web site at

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