Prizes Added to Mega-Membership Drive

Extra incentives boost participation

by Johanna Ettin,
Marketing Coordinator

With the addition of major new prizes to the Mega-Membership Drive, NOW chapters across the country are responding to the challenge. More chapters now have greater opportunities for even bigger rewards.

Surprisingly in light of the tremendous work they accomplish, many chapters have 100 or fewer members. To improve each chapter's odds of winning a prize, chapters are being grouped into small, medium and large divisions with special drawings and awards for each.

Drawings with in each division will divvy up a total of $3,000 in membership credits. The membership credit means that the chapter does not need to include money with the membership form sent to the NOW Action Center for the first 10 members the chapter recruits after the drive ends.

In addition, the chapter in each division with the largest percentage increase will automatically receive $150 in membership credits and two invitations to the VIP luncheon at the National NOW Conference in Memphis July 4-6.

Percentage increases will be based on the chapter's membership as of Feb. 15, when the drive began.

Other prizes include:

Many chapters are combining membership drive work with the Women-Friendly Workplace Campaign and other regular chapter activities. Consumer pledges are a great source of potential members, as are petitions and attendance lists from meetings. Some chapters are tapping into phonebank files and lists accumulated at actions during the past year.

"While some small chapters have expressed concern that large chapters have an advantage, a look at the results so far should allay their fears," said Karen Johnson, Membership Vice President for NOW. "Without spilling the beans, small chapters are doing remarkably well by comparison. We may find that some small chapters increase by 200 percent as a result of this drive!"

With the array of new prizes every chapter has an even greater chance to win. The pay-off is big, both in terms of potential prizes and potential activists. NOW's strength in local communities is one of its greatest assets, and more members translates into greater clout locally and nationally.

For further details, contact the NOW Action Center at 202-331-0066 or visit our Website at

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