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NOW Website An Important Tool in Campaign

by Sarah Stapleton-Gray,
Internet and LAN Manager

In its first three weeks, NOW's Women-Friendly Workplace Campaign site on the Web drew 1,500 visitors from 16 countries. Each week the numbers steadily increase as word of the campaign spreads.

In addition to reading or printing the campaign kit, press releases and information about our latest "Merchant of Shame," activists can sign the consumer's pledge online.

Women are also sharing their personal stories of workplace discrimination, and some women have chosen to publish their stories on the Web. Because of the sensitivity of harassment-related issues, the women may post their stories anonymously. However, several women have elected to use their name.

The stories are as varied as the women who write them, and most detail problems with hiring practices, sexual harassment and retaliation against the women who have reported harassment.

We also welcome success stories -- what people have done to reduce or combat discriminatory situations or policies in their own workplaces.

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