NOW LDEF to Study Same-Sex Violence

by Kimberlee M. Ward

A study and advocacy group initiated by the NOW Legal Defense and Education Fund is collecting personal accounts of domestic violence experienced by lesbians and gay men.

The group intends to use the personal accounts for the purpose of public education and advocacy. They are especially interested in dealings individuals may have had with shelters, medical professionals and the law enforcement and judicial systems.

The group is the subcommittee on lesbians and violence of the Violence Against Women Task Force, a NOW LDEF-led coalition of national organizations addressing the public policy needs of women and children. The data collection is part of the subcommittee's efforts to study and understand the nature and scope of violence in same- sex relationships.

The Task Force will not release the names or stories of the participants without their express permission to do so. When submitting information to the task force, however, participants are asked to include their names, addresses and telephone numbers. Those willing to share their stories are also asked to include demographic information such as gender, race and ethnicity.

Personal accounts may be sent to: NOW Action Center, 1000 16th Street, N.W., Suite 700, Washington, D.C. 20036 by June 1.

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