NOW Arrives On Internet

by Mary M. Melchior

NOW celebrated Susan B. Anthony's birthday by unveiling a new "home page" on the Internet's World Wide web. An Internet presence is allowing NOW to reach a wide public audience through this rapidly expanding medium. It will also enable NOW efficiently to inform the media and the public and collaborate with other organizations.

 "The increased presence of strong women's voices in cyberspace will surely make it a friendlier, less hostile place for women and girls," said NOW Executive Vice President Kim Gandy. "NOW is a welcome and welcoming presence for anyone who wants to advance the cause of women's equality."

 The web page is a hypertext-type interface that will be familiar to Macintosh and Windows computer users. It combines text and graphics in a much friendlier way than traditional text-based Internet computing. For example, users can look at photographs of NOW actions and officers, and can follow a specific issue or topic through various articles.

 To find NOW on the Internet you need a Mosaic or Netscape program and the NOW address, which is: . Activists can also correspond with the NOW Action Center via e-mail using the address: .

 Response to NOW on the Internet has been strong, with more than 600 requests a day coming in from users worldwide. The majority of requests are coming in from colleges and universities in the U.S. Additionally, the Internet proved to be a valuable organizing component for NOW's April 9 Rally For Women's Lives.

 The exchange of information and resources with feminist activists and organizations is reaching around the world, providing new links with women in countries where the cost of travel and communications has been an impediment. This is especially important this year, with the Fourth World Conference on Women Aug. 30-Sept. 15 in Beijing.

 NOW Internet services to look for in the future include Gopher and FTP (tools for getting titles from our computer to yours), and listserve (a tool for providing additional information to anyone who asks, and that provides a virtual reality conference space for ongoing communications).

 Much thanks for this important service goes to local cyber-activists Sarah and Ross Stapleton-Gray, who put in many volunteer hours to get NOW on "the 'net."

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