Don't Assume I Cook... 
Recipes for Women's Lives...NOW

by Kim Gandy, Executive Vice President

Calling all cooks! Do you have an all-time favorite recipe? The one your friends pester you for? It's time to come clean, and put your recipe where it will have a real payoff for women. That's right -- a NOW recipe book. But this is not your ordinary recipe book. In addition to great recipes, we'll have fascinating photos, encouraging quotes, funny lines from feminist comics, inspiring stories from our history, maybe a cartoon or two . . . the ideas are still rolling in. You'll want to keep turning the pages even if you have no intention of cooking!

We're looking for all kinds of recipes – for the way we live today. Maybe it's a favorite quick-and-easy dish that you (or your significant other) can whip up after a long day. Or the light-and-healthy one that tastes so good your friends are sure it's an impostor. . . or your grandmother's cake, that you still make for special occasions. Maybe it's the pot luck dish that you're asked to bring time and time again . . . or the fundraising dinner-for-200-people that is both elegant and easy on your time and budget.

Maybe your favorite isn't a recipe for food at all. It could be a recipe for relaxation (your favorite herbal tea recipe, or an invigorating bath concoction) or even a recipe for action – we might have a whole section devoted to "cookin' up trouble" and we'd love to have your recipes for that too! What "recipes for women's lives" come to your mind?

We also want your ideas and suggestions for the anecdotes and stories and bits of our history to include – maybe your own story of how our movement changed your life, or a favorite success story from your chapter – or the photo or quote that inspires you to keep taking on new challenges. We'll choose the most inspirational, funniest, most touching . . . so you'll want to read them over and over, and share this book with your friends.

We urgently need your submission (by April 15 if possible) to ensure our fall delivery date, well before the holidays. Be sure to print your name the way you wish it to appear on the list of contributors.

Please complete the form (to be added to the web site soon) or email your recipe to and add any additional pages needed for your submission. Use the same form to order copies of this 192-page hardbound book at a special pre-production price of $16.95 (retail $18.95). If you order 5 books at the special price, we'll send you a 6th book free–a discount of 25% off the cover price.

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