Call for Officer Nominations

Nominations are requested for officer slates to be elected at the 1997 National NOW Conference, July 4-6. A slate of four candidates will be elected to the offices of President, Vice President-Executive, Vice President-Action and Vice President-Membership.

Qualifications as set by the National NOW Bylaws state: "All national officers shall have been members of NOW for at least four years immediately prior to election and shall have served at least one year as a chapter or state officer or National Board member."

Nominations may be submitted to the Nominating Committee or made from the floor of the Conference. Nominating Committee members are: Margaret Barovich, Southeast Region; Kathy Miller, Mid-Atlantic Region; Claire Peirce, Prairie States Region; Tia Plimpton, Northwest Region; Clarice Pollock, Northeast Region; Karen Ray, South-Central Region; Linda Sievers, Mid-South Region; Marion Wagner, Great Lakes Region; and Leslie Walker, Southwest Region.

Nominees wishing to have information about their slates and candidates sent to the membership in the National NOW Times should send the name and state of each slate member and name, address and telephone number of the contact person to: Marion Wagner, Chair, National NOW Nominating Committee, 4719 Bluffwood Drive, North, Indianapolis, IN 46228. Contact Wagner by e-mail at or by telephone at 317-291-8671.

Such notice must be received by April 15, 1997, for inclusion in the National NOW Times.

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