Mega-Membership Drive Amplifies NOW's Voice
Payoff Includes Prizes -- And New Members

It's no big surprise that NOW members thrive on a challenge. But instead of responding to the predictable challenges of right-wing extremists, we're issuing one to each other, to every member and chapter nationwide, in the form of an unprecedented membership drive.

The 1997 NOW Mega-Membership Drive kicked off Feb. 15 -- Susan B. Anthony's birthday -- and runs through July 1, just before NOW's National Conference in Memphis, Tenn. The drive is the brainchild of Dade County NOW's Janet Canterbury, who serves as co-chair of NOW's Advisory Board. The goals are obvious: recruit new members, increase NOW's clout as the country's leading feminist organization and stimulate the spirit of friendly competition.

"The more members we have, the more clearly our voices are heard," said NOW President Patricia Ireland. "When I go to Capitol Hill to lobby members of Congress, the only reason they listen is because I carry NOW's members with me. The more members we have, the more progress we can make in the fight for women's rights not only in Washington, D.C., but in every state in the country."

The rules are simple and the pay-off is big:

First prize, $1,000 in cash
Second prize, a new laser printer
Third prize, a new fax/phone/answering machine

The membership drive is a small investment in the organization's future, according to Karen Johnson, NOW's vice president-membership.

"New members are the key to the growth, viability and vitality of NOW. We know that the new members who are most likely to become local activists are those who are recruited by and affiliated with a local NOW chapter, and that's why we're committed to making this membership drive a big success," Johnson said.

Please note that some contest restrictions apply, so be sure to consult the official rules before you begin recruiting. For contest rules and further information, call the NOW Action Center at 202-331-0066, or visit our Web site at

The sooner you start recruiting new members, the more chances you will have to win, so get going!

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