New Young Feminist Brochure Perfect For Recruiting

If your chapter is ready for new energy, request the new young feminist brochure, "Together We Are The Future." The subtitle on its bright blue cover reads: "Join with young feminists who are taking the movement into the 21st century."

Like other new brochures introducing NOW and addressing issues of concern to feminists, this one also features photographs, quotes, real-life scenarios, a brief rundown of what NOW has done and information about how to get involved in NOW.

This quote from Joyce Chen, an intern at the National Action Center, is featured among others in the brochure: "More women on TV and in print ads are unhealthily skinny or have had plastic surgery. Eight-year-old girls are dieting and by 14 they have eating disorders. How do you overcome years of pressure to look a certain way, wear a certain size? The bigger question is what do we do to get society to change?"

To request copies, contact your state, chapter or the NOW Action Center at 202-331-0066. Connect to to view and print a modified version. Connect to to download issues reports in Pagemaker for Windows format.

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