New Videos on Violence Available

A new feature-length video and several exciting new public service announcements for TV and radio are now available to hype awareness for NOW's April 9 Rally for Women's Lives. The spots are designed to help chapter and state leaders mobilize thousands of NOW activists and others to come to Washington.

The PSAs for TV include a 60-second spot on the myths and realities of rape, a 30-second spot with tips to help prevent date rape and a 30-second spot on domestic violence by an Emmy-nominated producer. Each PSA ends by encouraging people to contact their local NOW chapter..

The TV spots are available to chapters at a cost of $5 each, to cover the costs of tape stock, duplication and mailing. Column Theatre and Studio in New York and Criterion Communications in Philadelphia produced the PSAs on a pro bono basis.

Plans are to recruit celebrities to voice the radio announcements, available to chapters at no cost. A generous donation by NOW New York City allowed the National Action Center to purchase professional equipment for producing both the PSAs and news feeds.

NOWs Communications Director Diane Minor is also working on a special video for chapter and state leaders on organizing around the issue of violence against women. "The proposed 10-minute video will feature stories about sexual assault, battered women and anti-abortion violence from NOW chapters activists in different parts of the country," said Minor. "Funding availability will determine whether the original concept is produced, or a more modest option that would include video highlights of NOW's 1992 mobilization."

Information about all the productions has been provided in mailings and phone contacts with local organizers coordinating participation in the April 9 Rally. For information on how to order the tapes, contact Jeni Hyder in the Rally Office, 202-331-0066.

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