Timely New Publications on Abortion Rights, Racism

by Diane Minor,
Communications Director

A new brochure on ending racism is already available to chapters, and a new issue report on abortion rights is scheduled to be available by early January.

Debuting in time to help chapters organize for the Women of Color and Allies Summit Feb. 20-22 in Washington, D.C., the new brochure is entitled "Together We Will End Racism." Its subtitle reads "Join with others who are working to win racial justice."

"As an Asian American woman I have learned hard lessons about discrimination against women and people of color," says Inson Kim, former chair of NOW's Young Feminist Committee in a quote in the brochure. "I know that it is important to turn this awareness into action. NOW gives me the opportunity to fight for women s rights and civil rights."

The brochure features quotes by Kim and others, photographs, real-life scenarios, a brief summary of what NOW has accomplished on the issue over the years and a call to action on the work that remains undone.

This new offering makes a significant addition to a series of up-to-date brochures on NOW's major issues. The series thus far includes: an introductory brochure on NOW, "Together We Can Change the World;" a brochure on violence against women, "Together We Can Stop the Violence;" one on young feminist issues, "Together We Are the Future;" and "Together We Can Win Lesbian Rights."

The new issue report on abortion is the latest in the series of reports on key issues in the news. Other issue reports available through chapters are on late-term abortion, young women and abortion, and sexual harassment. The issue reports provide an introduction to each issue, followed by key talking points, NOW's work on the issue, the latest right-wing attacks, suggestions for how to take action and tips on where to turn for more information. Though in the production stages as this issue went to press, the abortion rights issue report was set to be available for chapters to order in time for the 25th anniversary of the Roe v. Wade decision Jan. 22.

Several previous reports on affirmative action, NOW PACs and Same Sex Marriage have been updated in recent months to include new political developments. To determine if you have the latest version, check for a 1998 date on the back page, in the bottom right hand corner.

For the most recent versions of issue reports and brochures, chapters may contact the NOW Action Center at 202/628-8669, ext. 720. Connect to http://www.now.org/ to view or print a modified version of both. Or connect to http://www.now.org/chapters/resources.html to download issue reports in PageMaker for Windows format.

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