San Antonio NOW

San Antonio NOW members, in coalition with other abortion rights and lesbian and gay rights groups, demonstrated outside the Nov. 11 Texas Christian Coalition convention. More than 50 activists lined the streets outside in protest of the organization's "Contract With the American Family," outlined earlier this year by national Executive Director Ralph Reed. NOW rounds were visible among a variety of abortion rights signs and a red and white "Stop the Hate" banner.

Inside, Reed's minions called for 100,000 coalition members in Texas to "put God back in government." This intention was evidenced by a photograph of Texas State Supreme Court Justice Raul Gonzalez brandishing a Bible. That photo appeared on the front page of the San Antonio newspaper above a headline reading, "Coalition Seeks to Enlist Troops in Alamo City." The Christian Coalition is making a concerted effort to put a smiling face on its bigotry against women and against the lesbian and gay community by targeting non-white communities with its message.

Capital City NOW

(District of Columbia)

Nearly 30 Capital City NOW activists braved the bitter cold on Sunday evening, Nov. 12, to protest speeches by House Speaker Newt Gingrich and radio talk show host Rush Limbaugh at a Republican fundraising event in Washington, D.C. Similar protests have taken place across the country, as part of NOW's on going "Newt Watch" and "Flush Rush" campaigns.

This particular fundraising event provided a golden two-for-one opportunity, as NOW activists carried signs and chanted slogans that focused on the anti-woman rhetoric of Limbaugh and the dangerous anti-woman policies of Newt's Republican-led Congress.

Baltimore NOW

Baltimore NOW activists staged a papal protest Sunday, Oct. 8, with a march and rally through the streets of downtown Baltimore. More than 14 area groups joined in the protest of the church's anti-woman stance and its many efforts to advance an anti-woman agenda globally.

The coalition strongly opposed the city's decision to treat the pope as a visiting head of state, thereby using tax dollars in support of his visit that could have been better spent on non-denominational humanitarian efforts.

On Oct. 12, Baltimore NOW held a candlelight vigil and a display of the Baltimore Clothesline Project in memory of Nicole Brown Simpson and all women victims of violence. NOW activists called for full funding of the Violence Against Women Act, which has come under attack by the Republican-led Congress.

Simi-Conejo NOW (California)

Simi-Conejo NOW participated in two rallies supporting Nabisco food processing workers in Oxnard, Calif. Female production line workers asserted that they were not allowed to take bathroom breaks as needed, while the male workers were not restricted in that way. Speakers said that at one point the women's bathrooms were padlocked between breaks, and that some workers suffered bladder infections and all suffered great humiliation.

The women, mostly Latinas, have fought back with a class ction suit. Suddenly, in what appears to be retaliation (since the workers say the plant is the most profitable of Nabisco's food processing plants) Nabisco has decided to sell the facility and move production to Cambridge, Md. All workers, both women and men, stand to lose their union jobs.

"We are marching today to expose Nabisco, to tell others in this country that the Nabisco products they buy come with a price -- dignity in the workplace," Simi-Conejo Coordinator, Patti Hudson said at the Sept. 23 rally.

Also speaking at the second rally was California NOW Coordinator Elizabeth Toledo, who attended even though she was experiencing minor contractions during her one and a half hour drive to Oxnard. Toledo, nine months pregnant at the time, gave birth Oct. 9 to Anamaria Reimer Toledo.

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