Expo '96 for Women's Empowerment

A historic, first-of-its-kind event will bring together feminists from every sector of society, showing the strength and depth of the feminist movement. Sponsored by the Feminist Majority Foundation and co-sponsored by NOW and other women's organizations, Expo '96 for Women's Empowerment will be held at the Sheraton Washington Hotel in Washington, D.C., Feb. 2-4.

"At Expo '96 we want the nation to see the power of the feminist movement and its ideas, its vision and the diversity of its work and constituencies," said Eleanor Smeal, president of the Feminist Majority Foundation. "We intend to ignite the women's movement on the fight to save affirmative action, to develop a feminist federal budget and to plan for a massive feminist exposition in the year 2000."

Already, more than 90 diverse women's groups have co-sponsored the Expo, including NOW, YWCA of the USA, American Association of University Women, Coalition of Labor Union Women, Institute for Women's Policy Research, National Political Congress of Black Women, Wider Opportunities for Women, Gray Panthers and many university women's studies programs and campus groups.

Expo '96 will feature feminists from the media, academia, the law, politics, health care, business, education, public service, trade unions, advocacy, sports, entertainment, philanthropy and religion strategizing together for the future.

"We have seen the Senate budget and the House budget, but we have not seen a feminist budget," said Smeal. "We must not enter the 21st century watching women's programs defunded, the military budget as bloated as ever, the interest on the debt ever-increasing and our movement speaking group by group on only a few budget items representing a very small percentage of federal expenditures."

A centerpiece of Expo '96 will be an innovative, futuristic Exhibit Hall including:

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Reprinted by permission from

The Feminist Majority Report.

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