Press Releases for 2016

#SayHerName: Loreal Tsingine and Korryn Gaines

At a time when police shootings of African-American men is under intense scrutiny, the incidence of shootings of women of color by police also demands specific attention. Vulnerable women are often placed in impossible situations, by the legal system, by the criminal justice system, by abusive relationships or family crises. Two recent incidents raise a… Read more »

Senator Tim Kaine will Fight for Women

From day one, Tim Kaine will be a vice president who will work to break down the barriers that hold women and marginalized communities back.

Pence: Reckless. Dangerous. Wrong for our Country.

Donald Trump has failed his first big test as the Republican nominee for President. His appointment of Mike Pence to be his Vice President is, to borrow one of his favorite words, a disaster.

A Victory for Women

NOW is deeply relieved that nearly all of the abortion clinics forced to shut down by Texas’s infamous TRAP law may now reopen. Last year, the Supreme Court struck down restrictions on same-sex marriage. Today, the Court has taken the first steps towards consigning TRAP laws to the same dustbin of history.

Why Women Must Still Fight For Voting Rights

The struggle to secure voting rights and the struggle to secure the rights of women have been intertwined in U.S. history since the historic meeting at Seneca Falls in 1848 endorsed the demand for women to have the right to vote.

Statement of NOW President Terry O’Neill on the shootings at Pulse in Orlando

The horrific attack in Orlando was in every sense a crime against humanity. The LGBTQIA community came to a club to celebrate Pride month, to dance, to live openly and joyously — to be human. And then someone whose heart was filled with hate savagely took that humanity away from them.

The Supreme Court’s non-decision decision in Zubik v. Burwell

The Supreme Court’s announcement that it will not rule on Zubik v. Burwell, the challenge to women’s access to birth control under the Affordable Care Act, is meant to avoid a 4-to-4 deadlock by sending the issue back to lower courts. It would have been far better if the Court had simply recognized fundamental constitutional principles and human rights.