Press Releases for 2015

Hillary Clinton 2016

I welcome Hillary Clinton’s candidacy for President in 2016 because gender matters in the United States today, and Hillary Clinton’s life experiences as a woman give her knowledge, insights, and wisdom that others do not have. That’s good for our politics and good for our country.

Politicians Who Claim To Champion Women’s Rights Need To Stand With Us Right Now

NOW calls on every member of Congress to end the “War on Women” and support policies to ensure that every woman’s health insurance policy — whether she is insured through Medicaid, an employer-based plan or a state exchange — fully covers the entire range of reproductive health care services, including abortion and birth control.

Shame on Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell

Sen. McConnell is holding up the nomination of Loretta Lynch, who would be our first African American woman Attorney General, as a hostage to force passage of the trafficking bill with the anti-abortion rider attached.

“Don’t Throw Social Security Under the Bus!”

NOW President Terry O’Neill said today that a plan being floated on Capitol Hill to establish a new deficit commission in exchange for eliminating automatic budget cuts known as the sequester puts Social Security and Medicare at risk.

How Low Can The Republican-Led Senate Go?

Senate legislation intended to increase penalties for human trafficking and provide additional support for survivors was revealed to be a stalking horse for yet more attacks by Senate Republicans against some of the most vulnerable women and girls.

NOW Urges U.S. Senate to Confirm Loretta Lynch as Attorney General

Lynch is a proven leader whose qualifications and strong experience are undeniable. Her nomination should not be used as an opportunity to object to President Obama’s executive action on immigration or any other policies of the Obama Administration.

NOW Calls on Roberts Court Not to Gut the Affordable Care Act

NOW calls on the Roberts Court to set aside political ideology, respect the structure and purpose of the ACA, and read its relevant sections together instead of in a vacuum. For those Justices so consumed with hate for Obamacare that they will grasp at any straw to undo it, we have a suggestion: run for Congress yourselves.

Super Bowl XLIX Should Be Roger Goodell’s Last As Commissioner

Roger Goodell’s response to the crisis of domestic violence has been inadequate and incompetent from the start. Team owners need to ask themselves if they really want to start the next season with the same failed leadership. The NFL will remain under a cloud of doubt and mistrust unless Roger Goodell steps down.

How Do You Spell Whitewash? N-F-L

This non-report report is yet another reason why NOW continues to demand for new, competent leadership at the NFL. The league needs a leader who will seriously commit to appointing an independent investigator with full authority to ask the questions that are actually meaningful.