Press Releases for 2015

Video Attacks on Planned Parenthood Don’t Fool Us And They Shouldn’t Fool Congress

No one should be fooled by this campaign of lies, distortion and hate-fueled rhetoric. The videos are phony and the accusations they contain will wither under scrutiny. We’ve got enough phony news coming from the likes of Donald Trump. Instead of giving oxygen to this video attack on Planned Parenthood, we should change the channel.

#SayHerName: Sandra Bland

We call on the U.S. Justice Department to conduct a full investigation into what happened to Sandra Bland, and what systemic change is needed in Waller County.

What Part of the Word “Equal” Don’t They Understand?

The EACH Woman Act is a long overdue redress of a discriminatory policy that denies health care rights to some women because they earn less than others, work for the wrong employer or live in the wrong state. Women want and deserve equality for all, not for some.

Love Triumphs Over Bigotry

Today the U.S. Supreme Court made history, recognizing in Obergefell v. Hodges the constitutional right of same-sex couples to marry. NOW chapters and activists who have worked tirelessly for years to achieve this amazing milestone are celebrating with their allies in the LGBTQIA community.

Our Hearts are in Charleston

It’s important to recognize that this was an act of racial terrorism, and tragically it did not occur in isolation.

“We’re On The Money—At Last”

A female face on the currency that everyone uses will send a signal that inclusion is a fundamental value that should permeate everything we do.


NOW’s activists will change our lives for the next 16 months, organizing on the ground and online, to make Hillary Clinton the first feminist woman elected to the White House — and to elect more women’s rights supporters to the House and Senate who will work with her as president. This is an opportunity of historic proportions. NOW4Hillary will impact not only this election, but also the future of the women’s movement.

Lindsay Graham’s Anti-Woman, Anti-Life Agenda

By forcing clinics to close and denying urgent abortion care to women, the court ruling and Senator Graham’s grandstanding amount to an unprecedented promotion of an anti-woman, anti-life agenda. Shame on Senator Graham for adding an abortion-ban primary to the election calendar.