Post-pandemic, will offices and factories become ‘places men go’?

“If it does go that road, it’s going to undo so much progress that we’ve made,” said Christian Nunes, president of rights group the National Organization for Women, adding that she thought most women would want to return to workplaces.

Pollsters Predict Significant Gender Gap In Election Results

“He has really put forth a lot of things in his comprehensive agenda for women that really talks to speaking about equality for women and particularly women of color,” Nunes said.

Rep. Lieu Introduces Bill To Combat Sexual Harassment and Discrimination in the Workplace

“The Protections and Transparency in the Workplace Act would establish a comprehensive approach at identifying systemic discrimination, harassment and abuse in the workplace through required reporting by employers to the Securities and Exchange Commission,”

Ginsburg Remembered As A Champion Of Women’s Rights

Justice Ginsberg talked many times about her experiences, discrimination of sex discrimination, and how that just really motivated her to reach out, and by the cases that she fought and she really fought for gender equity and equality.