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January 20, 2012


On this 39th anniversary of Roe v. Wade, NOW is proud to partner with the Trust Women/Silver Ribbon Campaign, MoveOn and women's health and rights advocates around the country in supporting the Trust Women Week National Online March.

Together with our allies we will begin 2012 with a powerful event that builds solidarity and momentum for reproductive health, rights and justice. Click on the link below to send your views to Congress, state governors and state legislators. You'll see your actions on an online map where you can also see who else is marching virtually, both nearby and nationwide. Join us! Our goal is to send a strong pro-choice message online.

Join the Trust Women Week National Online March


The majority in this country believes that decisions about reproductive health care, including family planning and abortion, should be left to each person. Yet extremist politicians chose to divert the public's attention from the current economic crisis with dangerous policy proposals about these private decisions. Their actions have been called a "war on women" for good reason.

The U.S. House of Representatives and state legislatures have particularly focused on eliminating access to basic health care services and contraception as well as abortion care, with severe consequences for women. We must get the word to policymakers -- and each other -- that we are many, powerful and committed.

NOW, in partnership with the Trust Women/Silver Ribbon Campaign, MoveOn and more than 50 organizations nationwide, are expressing our views through an exciting National Online March. We'll select messages to policymakers, and our choices will appear on a common online map. We'll see our numbers grow in real time. Our goal is to send the strongest pro-choice message we can during Trust Women Week (Jan. 20-27).

Join the Trust Women Week National Online March

Thanks for all you do for women's rights!


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