Equal Pay Day Social Media Kit

Help highlight the wage gap and demand equal pay for equal work for everyone by using the Equal Pay Days Social Media Kit.

The wage disparity in America exists not only between men and women but also varies by race. Although women on average make $.77 for every dollar white men earn, the statistics when broken down by race show an even wider gap. To highlight this fact, NOW publicizes not only April 8th but also the dates that symbolize how much harder women of color must work to make the same as their white male counterparts from the previous year. We also recognize an Equal Pay Day for mothers.

  • February 20th: Asian Women, 86%
  • April 8th: White Women, 77%
  • May 11th: Black/African-American Women, 64%
  • June 12th: Moms, 69%
  • June 17th: Hispanic/Latina Women, 56%