NOW Celebrates Native American Heritage Month and Native Feminist Champions

WASHINGTON, D.C.—November marks Native American Heritage Month, a time to celebrate the over 575 tribal communities of the United States, their cultures, and the countless contributions Native and Indigenous people have made to our society. At NOW, we are particularly thankful for the immeasurable contributions Native women have made in the name of feminism, climate justice, and equal rights for all.   From LaDonna Brave Bull Read more …

Are You Freaked Out Over Amy Coney Barrett’s Supreme Court Confirmation? Read This.

“Right now, we have to get out the vote,” Nunes said. “Not only is this the most consequential election of our time from a presidential standpoint, but it’s becoming increasingly clear that we must flip the Senate and elect representatives that uplift the voices of women, the LGBTQIA community, immigrants, the working class, BIPOC Americans, and all those whose rights will be at risk under a conservative-led Supreme Court.”