Say What?

Tired of advertisers peddling flesh and not product? Now's your chance to sound off to advertisers about the negative, dangerous messages they send to women and girls. Send an email to to nominate an advertisement for posting on this page.

Gucci advertisement Maker's Mark advertisement
Gucci: This ad attempts to demonstrate a woman's "place" in the world at a man's feet right below his...uh... Just don't stand up too fast, sister! Maker's Mark: What is it about selling alcohol that makes advertisers want to belittle and insult women... does it really make men feel more powerful? Don't answer that.
Longchamp advertisement Dior advertisement
Longchamp: This is an ad for luggage, right? And the nearly naked, bronzed woman is there because...? When creativity fails, insert sex. Dior: The text reads, "New! Dior Addict Lipstick to Die 30 killer shades... Get hooked. Now." Dior proudly uses the themes of addiction and death to sell lipstick, under the impession that the tactic is edgy and original. Not.
Winston advertisement Candies advertisement
Winston: Winston tries to convince young women how tough and cool they can be by smoking while waiting for a man. Hope he arrives soon...before lung cancer sets in. Candies: This is too easy. Is that a space shuttle on your computer, or are you just happy to see me? This ad is so obvious in its "subliminal" message, it's sad.
Calvin Klein advertisement Ralph Lauren Polo advertisement
Calvin Klein: Good ol' Calvin — always leading the way with images of nearly naked, pre-pubescent-looking women and girls. Ralph Lauren Polo: Not to be outdone, Ralph offers that perfect look to wear while scratching your back on a tree while waiting for, um...the stableboy?
Misty advertisement  
Brown & Williamson: Brown & Williamson appears to be marketing cigarettes to pre-teen girls with this ad that practically makes smoking look wholesome. Really not.