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Family Law Newsletter - Winter 2013 - 2014 (PDF)

The newsletter contains current news and information regarding the ongoing crisis for mothers and children in family courts. As many of our readers are aware, protective parents - primarily mothers - are losing custody of minor children in court proceedings that often ignore evidence of battering or child abuse and grant custody or unsupervised visitation to the abusive parent.

Report: Expanding Social Secuirty Benefits for Financially Vulnerable Populations

Read the report from the National Council of Women's Organizations -- of which the NOW Foundation is a member -- and Center for Community Change on the best ways to improce Social Security for the most vulnerable.

NOW Foundation Celebrates Love Your Body Day 2013

On October 16 at 2 PM EST, the National Organization for Women Foundation hosted a Google hangout in celebration of Love Your Body Day 2013. Moderated by NOW Membership Vice President Chitra Panjabi, the panel consisted of The Feminist Wire co-founder and Virginia Commonwealth University professor Tamura Lomax and Colorado College's professor Heidi Lewis.

NOW and NOW Foundation Support Marriage Equality in Supreme Court Cases

On March 26 and 27, the Supreme Court will hear arguments in two cases critical to advancing marriage equality in the United States. NOW and the NOW Foundation proudly joined other social justice organizations in filing three amicus briefs in these cases on behalf of same-sex marriage rights. (03/13)

Family Law Newsletter - Spring 2013 (PDF)

NOW's Family Law Committee produces a newsletter with current news and information regarding the crisis for mothers and children in family courts. This issue features an interview with the founder of the Battered Mothers Custody Conference, actual mothers' stories and an article on the Model Code on Domestic and Family Violence. (03/13)

NOW Foundation Files Amicus Brief in Domestic Violence Case

On Nov. 20, NOW Foundation filed a friend-of-the-court brief on behalf of 10 women's rights and anti-violence organizations. The brief supports reversal of an unprecedented award of $350,000 in attorneys' fees against a woman who accused her ex-husband of domestic violence. The brief argues that such an award may chill protective mothers from raising allegations of domestic violence in custody disputes for fear of retaliation. (11/12)

NOW Foundation Releases Survey Results on 15th Birthday of Love Your Body Day

As Love Your Body Day actions take place across the country, the NOW Foundation released results to its survey, showing that respondents want advertisers and the media to stop using Photoshop to create unrealistic images of women and girls. (10/12)

Family Courts Failing Protective Moms, Children (PDF)

NOW's Family Law Committee reports in its current newsletter that "father's rights" groups are having a devastating effect in family courts. "Parental Alienation Syndrome" -- a false accusation of mental illness against mothers who report domestic violence or child abuse -- often results in abusive parents winning custody, further risking child safety. (09/12)

Prison Phone Rates, Mobile Billing Practices Discriminate

From the Fall 2012 issue of the National NOW Times: NOW Foundation is working in coalition with allies in the civil rights and media reform communities to stop telecommunications practices that disproportionately affect women, people of color, immigrants and low-income families. (09/12)

Time to Advocate for Social Security Modernization

From the Fall 2012 issue of the National NOW Times: After years of hard work, women should be able to count on an economically secure retirement. But the truth is that many older women have barely enough to get by. (09/12)

Love Your Body Day Turns 15!

From the Fall 2012 issue of the National NOW Times: Since 1998, NOW Foundation's annual event promoting positive body images has taken place each fall -- this year on Oct. 17. (09/12)

NOW's Visionary Circle: Looking Ahead

From the Fall 2012 issue of the National NOW Times: Women's rights advocates want to make sure that long after we are gone, the feminist organizations that fought for our rights will still be working hard to open doors for the next generation. (09/12)

2012 National NOW Conference: Energize! Organize!

From the Fall 2012 issue of the National NOW Times: NOW's annual conference featured a wide range of enlightening sessions as well as a Mothers and Caregivers Summit co-organized by the NOW Foundation and the Institute for Women's Policy Research. (09/12)

2012 Love Your Body Grand Prize Winner: Francesca Spruiell

NOW Foundation's 2012 Love Your Body Poster Winner Available to Order

Help spread the Love Your Body message. Order copies of the winning 2012 Love Your Body poster. Designs from previous years, postcards and magnets are available, too (08/12)

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