Under the Trump Administration these past four years, the bold advances that women have made over the past decades, particularly those of our Black, Indigenous, Women of Color, Latinx, trans, and gender non-conforming relatives, have come under threat of regressing. We know the first 100 days are crucial in setting the tone and establishing priorities for any administration. This is why during this time, the National Organization for Women (NOW) and Black Women’s Blueprint will be bringing these voices to the forefront as part of a listening and discussion series, to share the issues that matter most to us – and the issues we need the Biden-Harris Administration to prioritize as part of a feminist agenda. 

Our communities have been healing from centuries of oppression and are no longer  willing to be silenced or ignored. This series will serve as a space where our  intersectional and radical feminism can live in action, and where we can come together,  share ideas and perspectives, and make an impact on the legislation and policies we  want to see moving forward.

“100 Days of a Feminist Agenda: Healing from Centuries of Oppression – Our Work is  Not Done Yet” — A listening and discussion series co-hosted by NOW and Black Women’s   Blueprint throughout the first 100 days of the Biden-Harris Administration and beyond.

The series will kick off with an inaugural session on Thursday, January 28, with other  dates to be scheduled throughout the coming months.

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Listening Sessions

January 28 – 323 Days of COVID: The Lasting Impact on Women

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We are rapidly approaching nearly one year since COVID-19 disrupted the world and our lives. The pandemic has pulled back the curtain and shone an even brighter spotlight on entrenched social and economic inequities, particularly for BIWOC, Latinx, trans, gender non-conforming, and immigrant populations. While these communities were and continue to be overrepresented in industries that were hardest hit by the pandemic and face deep repercussions, the lasting impact on women, in general, will affect us for generations. 

The incoming administration in the White House has put tackling COVID-19 among their top priorities. But will it be enough to address the widening economic inequality, the digital divide, and disparities faced by those who bore the brunt of the pandemic’s most brutal effects? What do we need to do to build a robust agenda that centers women of color and immigrants and ensure they have the resources they need for a full economic recovery?

Join NOW and Black Women’s Blueprint, along with our special guests, Executive Deputy Commissioner at the New York State Department of Health Lisa Pino, and President and CEO of the National Women’s Law Center Fatima Goss Graves, for a conversation about how we can ensure the Administration’s attention is focused on these issues.

February 11 – The Unspoken Impact of Police Brutality against BIWOC, TGNC & Latinx Communities

During this incredibly transformative moment, police brutality against Black people, although not a new phenomenon, has recently been exposed on a much wider scale than ever before. While these instances have garnered more public attention and outrage, the national discourse consistently decenters the lives of Black women and girls, disabled sisters, trans and GNC communities, sisters across the border, and women that exist along all other axes of oppression. This type of erasure insists that we use these first 100 days to ensure that the continued fight for BIWOC representation and the issues that affect our lives is centered in the new feminist agenda. Join us as we discuss how we can create a new frame and make space for a future where all BIWOC, Latinx, TGNC communities are liberated from persistent police violence, domination, and discrimination – whether it is on the streets or in our own homes.

February 25 – A Holistic Approach to Equitable Reproductive Healthcare

The battle over reproductive freedom and access to care has been a contentious one for decades. The United States lags well behind its counterparts in other high-income countries in terms of access for women to health care and health status and holds the position of having the highest rate of maternal mortality. This issue is amplified for BIWOC communities. With an unbalanced, conservative Supreme Court, and state and local legislators trying to restrict access to women’s healthcare, the stakes have never been higher. This fight for reproductive freedom and improved healthcare for BIWOC populations impacts us all and is a fight we must all join to ensure we ALL have equitable access. Join us as we discuss the need for the new administration to make women’s health a top priority in the first 100 days.  

Future Dates and Topics:

  • March (3/11) – Gender Equality As the Law of the Land – The Work to Pass the ERA
  • March (3/25) – Amplifying LGBTQIA+ Activism and Uplifting the Pursuit for Equality and Fundamental Rights
  • April (4/8) Economic Justice – We Are Not Percentages of a Dollar: Solutions for Equal Pay Every Day
  • April (4/22) – Katrina, Maria, & Sandy: Climate Justice is a Feminist Issue
  • May (5/6) – Addressing the Femicide: Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women

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