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NOW Chapters in Michigan

You can get the phone number of many of these chapters by using your phone book, or an on-line phone book. Some of the chapters do not have a business line, but use a person's home for their phone number. You might find out about the chapter's events in your local newspaper.

Name Chapter
Web Email Join
Michigan NOW (state organization)web siteemail
Ann Arbor-Wash County NOWMI0030web siteemailJoin this chapter!
Ferris State University NOWMI0120web siteemailJoin this chapter!
Genesee County NOWMI0130web siteemailJoin this chapter!
Grand Rapids NOWMI0135web siteemailJoin this chapter!
Grand Traverse Area NOWMI0320emailJoin this chapter!
Lansing Area NOWMI0180web siteemailJoin this chapter!
Mid Michigan NOWMI0400web siteemailJoin this chapter!
Muskegon-Ottawa NOWMI0242web siteemailJoin this chapter!
Oakland/Macomb Michigan NOWMI0275web siteemailJoin this chapter!
Wayne County NOWMI0090web siteemailJoin this chapter!

Chapters: If you would like to list or change an email address or web page here, send us a message.

Last updated April 1st, 2013

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