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Social Security turns 79: celebrating nearly eight decades of support for women


There is a simple truth that we here at the National Organization for Women understand intimately: the fight for women’s equality is not over. This Thursday, August 14th, 2014 is the 79th anniversary of Social Security and, in the face of repeated attacks on reproductive health services, continued workplace and wage discrimination, and the persistent reliance on women as guardians and caregivers, we must celebrate and protect one of the greatest pieces of legislation in the United States’ history.

It’s Time for Caregiver Credits

Most Americans understand that Social Security is a vital tool for our economy and for millions of retired Americans. In 2011, our Social Security system kept more than 21 million people out of poverty, especially women of color and women who work at low-wage jobs.

Chained CPI of Fools

The White House has confirmed that President Obama won’t include the “chained CPI” (a formula for reducing cost-of-living adjustments in Social Security benefits) in his 2015 budget. This is a huge relief for women over 75, people with disabilities, and military veterans, in other words some of the most vulnerable among us.

The Romney-Ryan Budget: A Sketchy Plan that Makes Social Security Less Secure

With Election Day two weeks away, my series of posts on the Romney-Ryan budget plan is drawing to a close. Today I’m writing about the changes GOP candidates Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan have in store for Social Security, and in my final post I’ll cover other social programs on the chopping block and call attention to who stands to profit should Romney’s sketchy deal become reality.