Posts By: Kayley Weinberg

NOW Updates Acronym: LGBTQIA

LGBTQIA puzzle graphic

At the 2014 National Conference, NOW’s members passed a resolution encouraging the use of “LGBTQIA,” rather than the previously used “LGBT.” As the NOW intern assigned to assisting during the LGBT issues hearing, I had the opportunity to be a part of the initial discussion of the resolution.

Obama to Make LGBT Rights Executive Order

President Barack Obama has begun drafting an executive order that would ban workplace discrimination against LGBT employees of federal contractors.

Transgender Healthcare: Forgotten and Inaccessible

My close friend Shane recently began the transition process and described it to me as “overwhelming” and “difficult to achieve.” His parents, although entirely supportive of his transgender identity, could not help much financially with the transition. Without a job — and his parents unable to contribute — Shane wondered how he would pay for monthly prescriptions of hormones, blood work to monitor his health, and eventually surgery.

Obvious Child – A Review

Romantic comedies surrounding an unplanned pregnancy are not new to film. Juno and Knocked Up are just a few films that create stories around this topic. However, Obvious Child tackles the same storyline but dares to take it in a new direction.