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President Obama: Don’t Cave in to Bishops

President Obama will soon decide whether to approve a broader refusal clause under the new health care law that would allow organizations to deny contraceptive insurance coverage for their employees on religious or “moral” grounds. Regulations adopted earlier this year already contain a sweeping refusal clause for certain religiously-affiliated non-profits, but the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops is pushing for more.

More Women Face Unemployment as Public Sector Jobs are Targeted

While the recession was particularly tough on men, the economic “recovery” has been extremely unkind to women. Since the recession officially ended in June 2009, women have lost 345,000 jobs and counting. The job gap between women and men is now 1.5 million, with women’s unemployment rate growing while men’s declines.

Women’s Vote in 2012 Key to Ending Attacks on Economic and Reproductive Rights

As we celebrate the 91st anniversary of the 19th amendment to the U.S. Constitution this week, which guaranteed women the right to vote, it is now more important than ever to mobilize women voters. It is time to end the countless attacks by the right-wing in Congress and in state legislatures across the country on women’s health and economic rights.

No Time for Games: Extend Unemployment Insurance

The pain continues for millions of jobless workers and their families as long-term unemployment has reached historic highs. Although small gains in reemployment have been made, women have actually lost ground. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, while the unemployment rate fell to 8.6 percent in November, the unemployment rate for women who maintain families was 12.1 percent.

More Bipartisan Support Needed for Violence Against Women Act

The Violence Against Women Act is up for reauthorization, and if Congress passes a strong bill, millions of girls and women will have a better chance to escape and heal from sexual, domestic, dating and stalking violence. We only have to read the latest headlines to know that our nation must continue its work to prevent and respond to the cruel sexual violence, lethal battery and assault that lead to murder and destruction in whole families. Shockingly, three women are killed every day in domestic violence incidents.