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The Aurora Tragedy: Moving Beyond Fear to Action

I’m 19, and this isn’t the first national tragedy I’ve lived through, but it’s the first one that’s rooted itself deep inside me and followed me around. There’s no indoor space I can inhabit now without looking around constantly, breathing too fast and hugging my arms to my body and feeling painfully aware of how unprotected we all are.

Ending Violence Against All Women

Anti-violence legislation may never be perfect, and many of the neediest women will suffer without ever knowing what recourse the law guarantees them. That’s a tragedy. But when survivors, advocacy groups and legislators can pinpoint ways to expand legal protections and improve programs to those underserved populations, responsible lawmakers should follow through.

Bringing an End to Sexual Abuse Cover Ups

Today the subject is the Penn State football program, but it could just as easily be the Catholic Church or the U.S. military or any institution that enjoys a faithful following. The many individuals who are the real strength of these institutions — the players, the churchgoers, the troops — are mostly innocent bystanders or collateral damage in these terrible scandals.

Finding Feminism: A Story from the Deep South

Feminism, fem-in-ism . . . feminism. For days, I rolled the three-syllables around in my head, in my mouth. I said it aloud, and it sounded unfamiliar, but not unfitting. After I took the time to learn more, I did it. I took the big leap and decided that I was a feminist. I didn’t want any boys holding the door open for me. I was done with cheerleading; it was objectifying. Pay for my movie? Yeah, right. I didn’t wait tables part-time for nothing.

The Fortnight for Freedom Begins

The USCCB have decided that their religious freedom is in your medicine cabinet, and under attack, and are taking this time to preserve their rights.Over the next two weeks, the summer interns at NOW will blog their responses, ideas and thoughts about some of the issues the Bishops are raising. These responses will include feminists reflecting on their own faith, birth control, and a host of other topics.