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Words Matter

By Maxine Todd, NOW PAC Intern Even with a strong feminist history, it is still hard to fully deconstruct implicit biases we’ve all been socialized to have. Since elementary school girls who talk too much are looked down upon as social butterflies or chatty cathys who gossip too much, while boys can talk just as… Read more »

Why I’m Excited for Hillary

By Maxine Todd, NOW PAC Intern As a young woman, I am extremely excited to have the opportunity to elect the first woman president. It is wonderful to see a candidate who I know has personally experienced the same problems and faces the same concerns that I have, as a woman in the U.S. While… Read more »

FDA Moves Toward More Women in Research Trials


The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) recently issued guidelines suggesting that more women, as well as greater racial, ethnic and age diversity, be included in research trials by companies submitting drug and device applications for review and approval. Unfortunately, the agency stopped short of requiring that companies have greater diversity in their study populations and to study the drug’s effects in those sub-populations.

Sexuality, Birth Control and Hobby Lobby

Birth Control Methods

While plenty of my online nearest and dearest were just as outraged as I was, a certain kind of anti-sex positivity fueled many of the most heated posts I discovered. Behind every “Why should your boss pay for your birth control?” question, there was an implicit “Why are you even bringing up your sexuality right now? Put that away!”

FDA: Where are the Women?

First publicized over thirty years ago, the lack of women in clinical trial research of drugs and devices is still a serious problem. As CBS’s Sixty Minutes reported on May 25, we now know that women sometimes respond very differently to prescription drugs than men.