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Gendered Toys Are Silly

We’re seeing the cracks in gender norms as our society increasingly accepts different people in different roles. Women have access to the front lines, and men are choosing to stay at home. Escaping the tyranny of boy and girl toys is just one more step in the right direction.

On Sexual Assault, the US Needs a Broader Approach

Feminists, journalists, and campus activists were finally heard this year when the White House announced its intention to attack the scourge of sexual assault in the US head-on. It made good on this promise toward the end of April, with the White House Report on Campus Sexual Assault. Despite a few problems, the report was full of facts and recommendations that will hopefully curb the repugnant rate of sexual assaults on college campuses. Too many women and men have been (and are currently) victimized by sexual assault and then silenced by their university’s policies on rape and sexual assault.

The Wage Ravine

It’s tempting to look solely at the wage gap and think the only thing keeping men and women from economic parity is 23 cents. We tend to ignore the other ways women, especially LGBTQ-identified women, women of color, and LGBTQ-identified women of color, are saddled with undo economic burdens because complication is hard.

Senate Republicans Refuse to #RaiseTheWage

Senate Republicans blocked a vote to raise the minimum wage yesterday, for a number of SUPER SERIOUS REASONS like “jobs” and “small business owners” and “the economy.” The current minimum wage is only two-thirds of the 1968 minimum wage, adjusted for inflation. Fifty years ago the minimum wage was enough to lift a single parent… Read more »

LGBT #RealPay

April 8th recognizes part of the economic disparity women struggle with, and our #RealPay campaign has tried to suss out how race and other societal realities put women at a considerable financial disadvantage. But there is another layer to the way pay discrimination works: LGBT-identified individuals are much more economically vulnerable than their straight counterparts.1… Read more »

The Father, the Son, and the Holy CEO

Signing a work contract should not amount to signing away your soul, but that is ostensibly what the Dirty 100 expects of their employees. For these 100 companies refusing to comply with the ACA’s contraception mandate, religious freedom means the freedom to impose religious values on employees.

Honoring Shirley Chisholm

According to an American University study, 63 percent of girls have never even thought about running for political office. I can’t help but think that if high school history texts featured Shirley Chisholm’s story a little more prominently, the number of girls who have thought about running for office would be a lot higher.