Bylaws Amendments

These proposed amendments will be brought before the membership at the 2014 National Conference.


Amendments proposed by the NOW Structure Modernization Working Group.
In 2012, NOW’s membership charged the NOW Structure Modernization Working Group with organizing online and in-person meetings of NOW members to consider ideas generated by activists on the NOW Board and at Regional and National Conferences, and to develop proposed revisions to NOW’s bylaws and policies. Over a period of two years, the Working Group has engaged in an inclusive process of workshops, meetings, online webinars and discussions involving members and leaders at every level of NOW. As part of its ongoing mission, the Working Group presented the following two bylaw amendments to the National Board, which voted to present them to the membership at the 2014 National Conference. More information about these proposals and the Working Group’s extensive deliberative process is available on the Modernization page.

Proposed amendment to Article X, Section 2

Proposed amendment to Article IV, Section 3 & Article VII, Sections 3-7


Amendment proposed by Washington NOW and Pennsylvania NOW.
Washington NOW and Pennsylvania NOW submitted a proposal to update NOW’s statement of purpose to change the phrase “sexual preference/orientation” to “sexual orientation/identity, gender identity, or gender expression”.

Proposed amendment to Article II


Amendments proposed by California NOW and Oregon NOW.
California NOW and Oregon NOW submitted a number of bylaw amendments to the National NOW Board on the day of the deadline. There was no accompanying explanation, only affirmations that the proposals were adopted “upon a vote by each state chapter’s board of directors.”

Proposed amendments


NOW’s current bylaws can be found here.